A complete line of mailing products.

Securapak Solutions market advancement has been firmly established through the development of innovative and differentiated mailing bag products.

If you’re like most distribution managers in the mail order or fulfillment business, you’re constantly looking for ways to reduce the cost of packaging and shipping without sacrificing protection. Maybe it’s time to think “outside of the box” and discover the benefits of replacing boxes with protective mailers.

Compared with corrugated boxes, which are often used together with loose fill or some other dunnage material, protective mailers save time, energy, storage space, and most importantly, money. Here are the top ten reasons why protective mailers may offer your company a more cost-effective packaging solution.

By reducing the time and money involved in the packaging/shipping process, protective mailers can provide cost-effective packaging solutions for your company. Securapak Solutions offers the most complete line of cushioned, non-cushioned and rigid protective mailers in the industry to accommodate the widest possible range of applications from industrial gears to books and apparel. Secura Mailer products provide a simple, low-cost and environmentally responsible alternative to packaging with cartons.

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