High quality security labels with multiple security features to secure contents.

The Securapak Solutions range of innovative, premium quality tamper evident materials is unrivaled in the market. Tamper Evident Security tape and film can be applied to a wide range of surfaces including metal, plastic, papers, glass and other materials. Applications include logistics monitoring, forensic intelligence investigation, military, banking and aviation security, medical packaging seals, electronic goods protection, and a variety of paper and plastic bags, boxes and cartons, travel and many other purposes. Specific designs are meant to meet the specific requirements of customer’s wishes. In the world of international business unscrupulous criminal elements are constantly trying to substitute genuine products or tamper with goods to deceive customers for their own personal gain. The Securapak Solutions company constantly utilises its full R & D capacity, technical innovation and production techniques to provide you with security tapes and films offering the most comprehensive, consistent and cutting edge solutions available in the fight against these types of fraudulent activities.

Securapak Solutions currently produces three main types of Tamper Evident Security tape products which are Total transfer, Partial transfer and Non transfer. Each product type is formulated for specific application purposes to offer reliable visibility of the voiding message. Excellent hot or cold interference resistance and versatility for conversion into die cut parts and sequential printing etc. Securapak Solutions leading technology incorporates the best anti-forgery, peel resistant self-voiding systems for use under extreme conditions making them ideal for widespread use in secure logistics, forensic and intelligence investigation, military security, cash transit, aviation security, secure medical packaging, electronic warranty seals etc.

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