Non Transfer Tape

Security Tape

Non-transfer tamper evident printing material which reveal the warning message “VOIDOPEN” or other pre-set words on the face stock rather than the applied object at every attempt of opening. The exterior appearance of the non-transfer tamper evident unchanged, no trace when removed from the applied objects. The face stock film will be damaged, meanwhile, the pre-set message or graphics reveal, and without any word or adhesive on the applied object.

On removal hidden tamper evident message or pattern reveals itself but there is no residue left on product that it was applied to. Suitable for used on painted metal surfaces, plastic boxes with smooth surface such as CD or DVD cases.

  • Irreversible change provides evidence of tampering;
  • No adhesive residue remains on the application surface;
  • The tamper-evident words and messages are clear and conspicuous;
  • Size, color, serial numbers and logo can be customized according to the client’s design or requirement;
  • Suitable for the reusable packaging or high-grade goods sealed
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