Partial Transfer Tape

Security Tape.

A kind of tamper evident printing message was formed at the back of adhesive sticker material through special process (Usually, the message include “VOID” ”VOIDOPEN” “OPENED” or other pre-set words designed by our customers). You cannot see the hidden word “OPENED VOID” before opening. Once opened, the face stock will reveal the word “OPENED VOID” as well as the applied object and the label cannot reseal.
Only a part of anti-counterfeiting layer from the label will be transferred to the applied objects.
On removal hidden tamper evident message or pattern reveals itself and a residue is left on the tape carrier and the product showing physical evidence of violation of product. Suitable for use on non-recyclable glossy papers and corona treated PE bags.

The applied object will reveal the pre-set word (VOID(once opened, so to achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting and anti-thief;

  • Most part of adhesive residue remains on the application surface;
  • Ability to provide legible word “VOID”;
  • Random message or graphics is available by making special editions;
  • Size, color, code and logo can be customized;
  • Use to seal the carton or parcel for valued object
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