Total Transfer Tape

Security Tape

Total transfer tamper evident printing material, the pre-set word or message will be transferred to the applied object totally at every attempt of opening. And there was no adhesive residue remains on the face stock.
On removal hidden tamper evident message or pattern reveals itself as it transfers itself completely to the substrate. The original carrier “gives up” its whole coating. Suitable for use with non-recyclable papers and packaging.

The applied object will reveal the pre-set word (VOID(once opened, so to achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting and anti-thief;

  • Once opened, the applied object will reveal the pre-set word VOIDOPEN or Special edition, for the purpose of avoiding embezzling;
  • Without any adhesive residue after peeled;
  • Ability to provide legible word “VOIDOPEN” or other pre-set message, catches the eyes easily;
  • Size, color, code and logo can be customized and random message or graphics is available;
  • Designed to secure closures of packaging;
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