Omni Satchels

Tough, durable and economical plastic maiers for securely shipping a wide variety of non-fragile items.

• The high performance multi-layer film used in construction is puncture, tear and water resistant.
• High strength welded seams resist bursting and allow for overstuffing
• Self-seal closure saves time and is tamper-resistant keeping contents safe
• Suitable for customised multi-colour printing
• At least 25% recycled content.

Code Description Size qty/ctn
24200 Omni Courier Satchels SS1 190mm x 260mm + 50mm lip 500/ctn
24205 Omni Courier Satchels SS2 250mm x 325mm + 50mm lip 500/ctn
24210 Omni Courier Satchels SS3 280mm x 380mm + 50mm lip 500/ctn
24215 Omni Courier Satchels SS4 340mm x 440mm + 50mm lip 500/ctn
24220 Omni Courier Satchels SS5 420mm x 450mm + 50mm lip 500/ctn
24225 Omni Kraft Bubble Bags SK6 430mm x 545mm + 50mm lip 250/ctn
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